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  • Summer Sweet Peach

    Summer sweet peach
    Introduced from the United States, matured in early to mid-July, single fruit weighs 230-480 grams, fruit surface is smooth and clean ...
  • Xia Xiang Ji Tao

    Xia Xiang Ji Tao
    It matures in early July, with an average fruit weight of 285 grams and a maximum of 416 grams.
  • Yihewutao

    It matures in early August, with an average fruit weight of 300 grams and a maximum of 420 grams.
  • Autumn Moon Hearts

    Autumn Moon Hearts
    It matures in late August. The average fruit weight is 500 grams, the largest fruit is 1000 grams, the fruit is round, ...
  • Tropical Snow Peach

    Tropical Snow Peach
    Available in late June, the average fruit weight is 210 grams, the large fruit is 340 grams, the skin is red and white and sweet, ...

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    Client Name: Yonghao Garden Greening Cooperation Project: Osmanthus Fruit Saplings Customer Evaluation: We ...
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    Client name: Ms. Li, Shandong Cooperation project: Various apple seedlings / cherry seedlings Customer evaluation ...
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    Customer name: Mr. Wang Cooperation project: Peach tree seedlings, pear tree seedlings Customer evaluation: There are ...
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    Client Name: Wuhejiafeng Farm Home Cooperative Project: Jujube / Kiwi Tree Customer Evaluation ...
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Shouxian Lvyuan Fruit Tree Planting Cooperative is engaged in the production of fruit tree seedlings, breeding and breeding, and planting promotion. It has been introduced from the inside and outside of the fruit for more than 20 years. There are more than 100 famous, special and excellent fruit tree varieties. More than 300 acres of female ear picking gardens and 700 acres of nursery bases have been established. It can supply more than 200 varieties of various fruit trees to the market every year , More than 8 million seedlings, the seedling supply time is from the beginning of November to the beginning of April of the second year of the solar calendar. In the fruit-bearing season, customers are welcome to come to our society to watch and taste the fruits. , Peach, pear, apple, date, apricot, chestnut, plum, etc ...


What problems should be paid attention to in Anhui peach tree seedling management?

What problems should be paid attention to in Anhui peach tree seedling management?
In the summer, yellow peaches are on the market, and many people like to buy this fruit, which is sour, sweet, and delicious. The market demand for yellow peach is great, so fruit farmers also like to plant Anhui peach seedlings. When managing peach saplings, various issues must also be considered. Do not be careless. Only when the peach saplings are properly maintained can they produce delicious fruits. During the flowering period of peach seedlings, fruit farmers should not irrigate them heavily. Otherwise, young peach seedlings can obtain fewer nutrients and easily cause the fruit to fall. A large amount of irrigation on the soil will reduce the soil temperature and affect the root nutrients of fruit seedlings. In severe cases, flowering and fruiting will also be affected. Fruit farmers should pay more attention when thinning the fruits. According to the tree structure, branches, fruits of the peach seedlings ...
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- 12 - 11 速生苗如何进行科学施肥 2019-12-11 How to apply scientific fertilization to fast growing seedlings
The rapid growth of fast-growing seedlings naturally determines that the fertilizers they need are more concentrated than other seedlings, especially the huge amount of fertilizer required in the early stage, which requires timely topdressing. The editor of Anhui fruit tree seedlings will explain to you how to apply scientific fertilization to fast-growing noodles. Interested friends can take a look. Scientific selection of fertilizers for fast-growing seedlings should use fast-acting fertilizers, such as ammonium sulfate, urea, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, etc., and fully crush them before application, and strictly control the amount. Anhui fruit tree seedlings can also choose high-quality organic fertilizers, such as human and animal manure, plant ash, fire earth ash, and straw compost. Organic fertilizer as base fertilizer should be deeply applied to the middle and upper part of the cultivated layer and fully mixed with the soil. The concentration of human and animal manure should be dilute. Nitrogen fertilizers move through the soil ...
- 11 - 27 果树秋季管理的具体措施有哪些? 2019-11-27 What are the specific measures for autumn management of fruit trees?
Spring and autumn are the seasons when the fruit tree seedlings have a large outbreak of pests. Only by effectively controlling the insect pests and rationalizing the management of the fruit trees can a large harvest be achieved in the coming year. Today, I will introduce to you the specific measures for the autumn management of fruit trees in Anhui. ① Killing and exterminating insects: By using the selectivity of pests for overwintering places, after autumn, tie grass handles or shatter sacks on the branches of fruit trees to attract pests to pupate for wintering, and then kill them intensively. According to surveys, this method can trap apple and pear worms by 47% to 78%, and it is also very good for hawthorn red spiders, date slime, spiny leaf miner, apple leaf curl moth, brown leaf curl moth, etc. Trapping effect, especially when the population density of overwintering insects was larger that year, its trapping effect was more obvious. ② Remove the stump ...
- 11 - 19 春季绿化苗木怎样防治虫害 2019-11-19How to prevent insect pests by spring green seedlings
Spring is the season of seedling growth throughout the year and the beginning of management and conservation. As the saying goes, "The year's plan lies in spring", which is not only a description of people's lives, but also a description of all plants and animals, especially plants. The development of plants in spring directly affects the growth of a year. Fertilization is a key factor in seedling growth. Pay attention to "basic fertilizer should be early, and topdressing should be skillful." Pay attention to methods and techniques when fertilizing. Before fertilizing, you must observe the plant to see its shape and color. Would be counterproductive. With the gradual rise of temperature in spring, many pests, including aphids, ended hibernation and started to move. The aphids appeared when the seedlings started to shoot, especially in April and May is the peak period for their reproduction and harm. In severe cases, aphids ...
- 11 - 6 果树苗秋季需要特别注意病虫害 2019-11-6 Fruit tree seedlings need special attention in autumn
Regardless of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the prevention and control of Anhui fruit tree seedlings must be carried out, especially in spring and autumn. If the autumn fruit trees are infected with diseases and insect pests, pruning must be carried out, otherwise it will easily spread to other branches. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Remove the deciduous and fallen fruit trees in autumn and winter, subtract the diseased shoots, and remove the surrounding weeds and dead branches. This can eliminate many overwintering pests. 2. Plowing and turning gardens Plowing and turning gardens can improve soil, increase fruit tree yields, and eliminate overwintering pests and diseases. Plowing and turning can deepen disease and insect pests in the soil to the ground and freeze to dryness, so that the pests can't emerge and suffocate. 3.Pesticide control Autumn is the peak period for fruit tree seedlings to damage the branches. If the trunk is found ...
- 10 - 30 挑选晚熟桃树苗的技巧方法 2019-10-30 Tips for picking late-maturing peach seedlings
There are many late-maturing peach sapling varieties on the market now, and people have more and more choices. This is a good thing and a bad thing, because people are more difficult to judge. In selecting late-maturing Anhui peach tree seedlings, there are actually skills. First of all, we should choose late-maturing peach seedlings with developed root systems. The root systems of peach seedlings with excellent varieties are relatively complete and well-distributed. Such a fruit tree has relatively strong vitality, and the fruit tree will grow well. Secondly, you can choose upright peach saplings with a plant shape. The branches and stems of high-quality late-maturing peach saplings are relatively upright, and the distribution is reasonable, and there is no damage. The third is that you can choose peach hair with full axillary buds. Good late-maturing peach seedlings have at least six axillary buds, and they are all relatively ...
- 9 - 25 果树苗拉枝怎么操作? 2019-9-25 How to pull fruit tree seedlings?
Fruit sapling is a collective name for fruit trees. For example, peach saplings and pear saplings belong to the category of fruit trees. Before planting, fruit trees need to be cultivated. The fruit saplings supplied by the Anhui fruit sapling base have high survival rates and good fruit quality. So more popular. When planting fruit saplings, you still need to pay attention. The branching of the tree is very important. If the branching is good, the fruiting tree is good. It is also beneficial to the growth of the fruit, so the branching is very important. When pulling branches, pay attention to the following: The season must be appropriate. Not all seasons are suitable for pulling branches. It is best to choose early autumn or late summer. This season is suitable for pulling branches because the branches at this time are relatively soft and tough, and they will not hurt much when pulled up, and the fruit tree seedlings are also easy to recover. ...
- 8 - 22 果树苗施肥太重的危害 2019-8-22 Harm of fruit tree seedlings with too much fertilizer
Fertilizing fruit tree seedlings is very common, because fertilizer can promote the growth of fruit tree seedlings, but excessive application of fertilization is not allowed, and it will also cause harm to fruit tree seedlings. There are three harmful effects of heavy fertilizers: First, excessive fertilizer application will destroy the nutritional balance of fruit trees. There is an antagonistic effect between nutrients, that is, the presence of a certain type of nutrient isolate can inhibit the activity of another type of nutrient isolate and affect the absorption of the tree. For example, acid soils should not input too much nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise the saplings will not absorb calcium ions well. Excessive application of calcium fertilizer can cause saplings to develop nutritional deficiencies. Do not use too much potassium fertilizer, otherwise it will affect the absorption of calcium and magnesium ions. Second Harm: Excessive fertilization can also cause poisoning of fruit tree seedlings. Too much fertilizer will increase the concentration of the soil solution, causing the roots of the fruit tree to not absorb water ...
- 8 - 12 影响果树苗栽种与成活相关因素 2019-8-12 Factors Affecting Fruit Tree Seedling Planting and Survival
In the process of planting fruit tree seedlings, the survival rate is very important. What are the reasons that affect the survival rate of fruit tree seedlings in Anhui? First, the quality of seedlings The quality of fruit tree seedlings is very important. Try to choose strong seedlings. The root system of the seedlings must be well developed and have many lateral roots. Such survival rates are relatively high. Second, soaking and watering If the fruit saplings are not local and need to be transported over long distances, there will be water loss during transport, so the roots must be soaked before planting. Watering is important after planting. Watering is not the same for different fruit saplings. Generally speaking, watering according to the fruit saplings. Third, the unfixed stem or the fixed stem is too high. After the seedlings are planted, the fruit tree seedlings shall be trimmed to determine the main branches that are upright without side branches. If the dryness is too high, the ground will lose water quickly.

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